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M & M Striped BassTrolling Lures

M & M Trolling Lures

The Best Trolling Lures Around

M&M Fishing Lures specializes in trolling lures such as: umbrella rigs, spreader bars, daisy chains, and also some casting lures. Each M&M lure is hand made to the best of our ability.

Custom Made

Our custom lures are made in many fish-catching sizes and colors. Our rigs are tangle free. We will custom make a product with any color, style, and specification that you may want. We will even create an idea that you may have for a lure.

Guaranteed to Last

The umbrella rigs are made with a minimum breaking stength of 100 pounds. The daisy chains are made with a minimum breaking strength of 225 pounds. Spreader bar stingers are made with a minimum breaking strength of 400 pounds. If any thing breaks I will replace it for FREE except shad, eels, and squid. Each umbrella rig, spreader bar, and daisy chain comes with its own storage tube or bag

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