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Tuna Rods

A complete line of conventional, stand-up, offshore fishing rods for tuna.

All of our Custom Rods are assembled using the finest components available and have a lifetime breakage warranty. We feature Stand Up, Conventional Big Game Rods including our own Wicked Tuna Specials , Special 80 Class Rods, Spiral Wrapped Vertical Jigging Rods, Kite Rods, Beach and Jetty Rods, Striped Bass Rods and Spiral Wrapped Bottom Rods. We will build an offshore rod for you using all American components from Winthrop Tackle, Calstar and Stuart. We use only high quality rod blanks from Rainshadow, Seeker  and Calstar. Each rod is individually crafted to your specifications, choose your colors, add a name, whatever you wish! Our finish involves three or four coats of premium UV resistant epoxy, we use two different weights of epoxy on each rod to achieve a durable finish. All offshore rods receive and underwrap and five overwraps for strength, we can guarantee that with our special process that guide foot checking is eliminated, all others receive an underwrap and double overwrap.

Our Big Game Offshore Rods have been featured on National Geo  "Wicked Tuna" Season 2, see them on "Odysea" with Capt. Ralph," Pinwheel" with Capt. Tyler, "Hard Merchandise" with Capt. Dave Marciano, "Tuna.Com" with Capt. Dave Carraro, "Christina" with Capt. Kevin and "Shearwater" with Capt. Jimmy.They will be seen again on season 3 with the new boats "Hot Tuna with Capt. TJ and Lilly with Capt. Hollywood.