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Bluefin Tuna Tackle is just that. Tackle and accessories geared towards the pursuit of TUNA and all saltwater big game species. We have all the usual striped bass, bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, blue marlin, white marlin, sailfish, king mackeral, wahoo and dolphin lures. When you are looking to put any saltwater species in the boat we have the tackle you need.




Bluefin Tackle was started by a New England charter boat Captain who thrives on the hunt for bluefin, billfish and stripers.  Our tackle has been fished from Florida to Maine, California to Mexico and across the world in search of all Big Game species.


"If I don't fish it I don't sell it"

  Capt. Jack.




If you are looking for something special and can't find it in our store, please call 336-710-2749 or drop us a line at:


For more info call Capt. Alan @ 336-710-2749. If we don't have it on the site, we can get it for you at a discount. If you are looking for a little advice, or have a question, don't hesitate to contact us. We will respond promptly.

Good luck to all this season from all of us at

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