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18" Mini Bar

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18" Mini Bar
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  • 18" Mini Bar
Color: Wasp
  • 18" Mini Bar
Color: Flying Squid
  • Blue Stinger
  • Jointed bird can Flip-Flop creating splash and commotion
  • Green Stinger
  • 18" Mini Bar
Color: Green
  • Hologram Squid
  • Rasta Stinger
  • Stinger colors
Pink, Green, Rasta, Yellow & Blue
  • 18" Mini Bar
Color: Glow & pink
  • Pink Stinger
  • 18" Mini Bar
Color: Hologram
  • Glow & Pink Squid


18" Mini Bar (Titanium) ~ Perfect for smaller or picky tunas

10 x 4.5" Squid and a 5" Stinger with 7/o ss Hook

The bird is jointed so the front half is free to flip-flop creating the spray and splash and the rear half holds the bar, this holds the bar on the surface and creates the commotion too!

Momoi 250, ss Hook, chafe guards on connections. Made in NC, USA. 

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