Cedar Plug 7"

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  • 7" Cedar Plug
  • Rigged on 250 Momoi, chafe tube top and bottom w/ x-strong hook ready for Bluefin
  • Tung oil brings out the wood grain


The simplest and possibly the best tuna lure ever invented, but we have stepped it up a notch. 

Bluefin Tuna Tackle plugs have been spin sanded smooth and finished with tung oil to bring out the grain. Then they are balanced to find the keel, this is marked on the back so when using the plug make sure the hook is lined up with the mark, this will stop it spinning and improve the swimming action. 

Rigged on Momoi 250 with chafe tube inside the plug and at the top loop plus an X-strong hook it's ready to go - just add water! 

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