Jay's Jigs Tube & Worm Spinner Bait

Jay's Jigs Tube & Worm Spinner Bait

Jay Jigs Spinner Bait Tubes
the only lure equipped with
Stop wondering if there is anything on your lure other than your bait.
You will produce more fish and 
have more fun.


100% Hand crafted with the best saltwater materials in America! 
I personally hand make every lure. 


  As the lure swims through the water the blade spins rapidly making noise attracting fish, the spinning blade also causes a vibration up through the line and into the fishing rod that you can feel with your hands. When the vibration stops this indicates something in the water has stopped the blade from spinning and is most likely on the hook, sea weed, eel grass ect. "BASS DON'T EAT GRASS!" Reel in your line, clean off the lure and let it back out.  This in turn will dramatically increase your chances of  landing more fish. Specifications & Components (standard size) 2.25oz 24" long 2 Hagens red beads 2 Hagans glow beads Mustad 7 ought hook lacquered indiana blade 175lb Sampo barrell swivel HD Hagens black copper crimps  140lb Hagens double spun stainless wire Jeros surgical tube colors; red, orange, black, natural, pink & green (any length & weight available)                (special order)                I started making the lure about 18  years ago and have experimented with the design  function, and components to produce a high quality, durable, long lasting lure. You can see and feel the difference!


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  • Tube & Worm Spinner Bait

    Tube & Worm Spinner Bait

    Jay Jigs Spinner Bait TubesTMTHE BEST "TUBE AND WORM LURE"ON THE MARKET TODAY!"BASS DON'T EAT GRASS"  "FEEL THE VIBRATION"TMJay Jigs Spinner Bait Tubesthe only lure equipped with"WEED ALARM"TMStop wondering if there is anything on your...
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