BlueFin Tackle

Ultimate Bluefin Bar ~ 11" Humboldt Squid

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  • 36" Ultimate Bluefin Bar
  • 36" Ultimate Bluefin Bar
  • SquidBird center piece w/ 5" wing for lift and splash
  • SquidBird Center piece
  • 5" Tip Birds


The Ultimate Bluefin Bar by Bluefin Tuna Tackle - Based around the new SquidBird center piece providing the bar with both lift and splash from it's unique 5" wing mounted at the front. 

This bird will provide splash and commotion as well as keeping the bar up on the surface even far far back behind the boat.

36" titanium Bar rigged with 10 x 11" Humboldt Squid and 2 tip birds. 

Standard on 250 Momoi, option to rig on 400 for Giant Bluefin. QuickRig ss S&T Hook, chafe gear and carrier bag included. Made in NC, USA. 

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